Relationship Training for Athletes

Helping athletes to achieve having healthy intimate relationships and

start “Winning The Big Game” off the field and court!

Let’s face it, you as a coach or team owner of a professional, semi-professional, college or high school sports team has other barriers to winning championships than an opposing team. A major obstacle can be the athlete’s mindset and behavior off the playing field or court that can become the biggest hindrance to winning on the playing field or the court. Whether it involves their wife, girlfriend or casual dating partner, the male athlete has and will continue to struggle with sexual misconduct because of insufficient or no training in the area of relationships with females.


Just think for a moment, there are many well-known stories of how amazing star athletes fail victim to bad and inappropriate sexual behavior. For many, the consequences were devastating personally, economically as well as a hindrance to their team organization. Mike Tyson, Ben Roethlisberger, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, and Wade Boggs are key examples of athletes who engaged in infidelity and or sexual misconduct. Your team players are also potentially likely to experience this unfortunate outcome if they are not trained with a solid foundation and understanding relationships.


What’s at the core of this issue was that they were not taught to have healthy sexual relationships. 


Whether you’re a National Football League, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League owner or coach, you have this problem to contend with season after season. If you’re a College or High School coach, relationship training for the young athlete is crucial for your team as well. I’m sure you are looking for real solutions to this problem. Unfortunately, the approach of placing a moral clause in contracts and big fines to athletes is not enough and is not working.


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Young Men's Female Relationships