Winning The Big Game offers a revolutionary approach to teaching Relationship Training For Athletes. For the profession, semi-professional, college and high school athlete, this program will train them with a solid foundation and understanding for each of them to have success off the field. Because having healthy relationships with females and the well being of each athlete is our top priority, we offer an approach that our founder, 2 x Grammy-nominated musician, author and speaker Kevin Toney has personally experienced that has produced amazing results!


Kevin shares that …“As a founding member of The Blackbyrds, we were an award winning group with Grammy nominations, Gold Record sales and hit songs that included “Walking In Rhythm and “Rock Creek Park”. Our music was at the top of the charts! We had achieved the success that’s similar and rivals to what a star athlete or championship sports teams receive for winning games and titles! Little did I know that all of this tremendous success would fuel the baggage of lust, disrespect for females and the many misconceptions I had about what love, marriage and being faithful was all about.  My miracle today is that I was brought out of infidelity (cheating on my wife) 25 years into our marriage. I was restored as a broken man and my broken marriage was restored. Praise God that today my wife and I are celebrating our 38 years of marriage!” …


Kevin is excited and passionate to teach the incredible steps and principles used to overcome his infidelity and bad sexual behavior with athletes who so critically need this training.


Key training areas will focus on the following:


  • Training the male athlete to recognize and identify the root cause of sexual misconduct.

  • Help the male athlete recognize how his conduct will impact their personal and professional life.

  • Focus on prevention of sexual misconduct through teaching critical thinking tools for making good decisions.

  • Help those male athletes who are already experiencing unhealthy sexual relationships to reverse them to positive healthy experiences.

  • Provide relationship training for male athletes that will help them to be successful in sustaining a loving and faithful relationship with their wife, girlfriend or dating partner.


Our goal is to provide the very best relationship training for your team athletes that will help prepare them be successful in sustaining a loving and faithful relationship with their spouse, girlfriend or dating partner! This will result in far less distractions to your team so that they can focus on the joy and pursuit of WINNING THE BIG GAME on the field and on the court! Let us be of service to you.



Walking In Rhythm

Rock Creek Park:


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