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Relationship Training For Male Athlete’s Program is revolutionary cutting edge approach designed by Kevin Toney to help train the male athlete with a solid foundation and prepare him to have success off the field in the crucial area of sexual relationships with his wife, girlfriend or dating experiences. This program will provide your team players with a strong foundation in using the tools and techniques in 3 crucial areas, 1) The Virtuous Man, 2) Super Glue Your Love Relationship, 3. The Fast and Furious Man.  Each team player will receive an initial questionnaire to determine their specific concerns and needs.


We recommend making this program available to your team before your competitive season begins and because of your busy schedule, we offer a 1-week boot camp training program. This program can also be a great addition to preseason and offseason camps and leagues within your franchise.


As an option, we also offer a Flex - Program that can be implemented during the regular season. This 5 - day schedule can be spread over whatever time frame there are openings with team travel and season games. We offer 3 - hour segments for both morning and/or afternoon sessions.


The Relationship Training For Male Athlete’s Program is invaluable because it complements regular sports preparation and training. Each segment will give the athlete a powerful set of tools to develop their inner personal, mental and spiritual beings to begin experiencing having “Healthy Relationships With Females.” This program will also target customized solutions to individual athletes specific issues.


Our goal is for your team players to be trained with the tools for having healthy relationships with the females they are intimate with. This includes their wife, girlfriend or casual dating partner with time-proven amazing results. Our founder and CEO, Kevin Toney has experienced these awesome payoffs and is eager to share them with your team.  This will provide a solid personal foundation for each athlete to hit the ground running and to not have any negative and damaging sexual misconduct issues causing him and your team to be distracted. They will be empowered to focus on WINNING THE BIG GAME on the field and court!


Relationship Training For Male Athlete’s Program Segments




As a team owner or coach, it’s imperative that your players know and understand that there’s more to being a professional athlete than playing the game. It’s more to it than the lights, the crowds and the travel from city to city. There’s more to it than the money, fame, and excitement of winning a championship. It’s also about managing being in the spotlight and the allure and seduction of the women who come after the players. After all, sports are a form entertainment similar to what a musician, singer, or actor is perceived as from the public’s eye. How to have healthy relationships with females is one of every male athletes and entertainer's major challenge in and through out their career. This segment will train and help your individual team members to:


  • Learn good character and respect for all women

  • Learn the truth regarding misconceptions about male/female relationships

  • Learn critical skills for making decisions regarding sexual relationships

  • Learn that because you are single does not give you a pass to engage in bad or inappropriate sexual behavior

  • Learn to balance the pursuit of being the best athlete and also being the best mate and man they can be.




There are many well-known stories of how amazing star athletes have fallen victim to sexual misconduct. For some the consequences and aftermath were far-reaching. There are those who had been charged with sexual assault, experienced major court trials, had their marriage end in divorce, received bad press and publicity and even gone to prison! As a team owner and coach, you understand how this not only affects that particular athlete’s performance during the game but how it is a negative distraction to the team as a whole. This vital segment will highlight and study key examples of male athletes who engaged in infidelity or some sexual misconduct who suffered major consequences. This segment will train and help your players to:


  • Learn and understand that being charged with sexual assault is serious, can have you arrested and have you on trial in court.


  • Learn that major consequences can include being fined large amounts, face going to prison, face possible suspension from the team, marriage break up, loss of lucrative endorsements and potential conflict with the upcoming or ongoing season.


  • Learn that because many other athletes “do it”, doesn’t mean that it’s okay to “do it”.


  • Learn what your sexual or alleged improprieties will eventually come to light (out in public), even if this happen much later in your life  (Bill Cosby example).


  • Learn that sexual misconduct can catch up and take down the most powerful men. That it affects all men, regardless of race, age, and economic status or social status. (President Bill Clinton example).



Being faithful to one woman is challenging for many men because they feel it’s “normal” for a man to cheat like every other guy. For many that behavior is what they saw modeled in their life from an early age. Those models may include their father, uncles, older sibling, friends, neighbors and what they see on television, movies and on the internet. The professional male athlete has much opportunity to cheat due to their elite status and the allure this has on willing female groupies.


Like the many amazing athletes who have gone done this road before and suffered huge consequences, your team members are prone to the same mistakes.
This damaging behavior cycle has to be broken. To change this mistaken belief, your team players must develop the right mental attitude and respect toward how and what they think about females.


This segment will train and help your team players members to:

  • Learn and understand why cheating” is not okay in their love relationship.


  • Learn that “cheating” in your love relationship is disrespectful and destructive.


  • Learn that they cannot get away with this behavior for long.


  • Learn that this behavior can become an addiction.


  • Learn why being faithful in your love relationship is crucial





The lack of good character and virtue for the male athlete in their relationship with females is a major cause in experiencing an emotional breakdown. This can and will greatly negatively impact their sports performance.  For some athletes, the consequences have been so devastating that their personal lives, family, and professional career were ruined.


To reverse this cycle, it is imperative that the male athlete is trained to achieve a wholesome mindset and how to think and do what is right in their sexual behavior toward females. In this segment, they will learn to identify and to “Break The Men’s Code.” (Any reason or rationale that a man uses to have emotional and sexual relations with someone other than his wife, girlfriend or committed dating partner.)


  • Learn the misconceptions about dating and marriage


  • Learn the 7 Steps for Rejecting The Men’s Code


  • Learn how to deal with sexual temptation and break the cycle of infidelity


  • Learn practical and spiritual tools to help you achieve this


  • Learn how to make good choices and make new changes


  • Learn how to be the best husband and mate





The next important module in relationship training for the male athlete is to bond and grow their love relationship. They will learn the elements of reinforcing the strength a man and women must have to keep their love to their spouse or girlfriend unbreakable. This section will examine how faith, trust and love will form the “SUPER GLUE “ to help keep their relationship from becoming separated when facing life’s storms. He will grasp how “creating new things” and experiences together in their marriage/love relationship journey will keep it rewarding, exciting and fulfilling.


  • Learn to “Become One” in every aspect of your relationship


  • Learn to “Let No One Separate” you from your wife or committed dating partner


  • Learn what to do “When A Separation Has Taken Place”


  • Learn how to “Create New Things Together”


  • Learn how to “Grow and Stay Together”





This key aspect of relationship training will examine why men are fast and furious when it comes to cars, sports, pleasure, women and money but not so in their love relationships. Training will include steps on how the male athlete can become fast and furious in their marriage, dating and family relationships. This segment will teach the athlete to create his team that will keep his relationship adventure on track with amazing and fun results.


  • Learn that The Fast And Furious Man Has A Mission to stay faithful in their love relationship and provide the best life possible for their family


  • Learn that The Fast And Furious Man will have challenges


  • The Fast And Furious Man Has Tools to help him navigate the journey


  • The Fast And Furious Man Has A Team to help him win


  • Learn about doing the journey together


  • The Fast And Furious Man will have victory!




Now the male athlete (your team player) is prepared and ready to Win The Big Game off the field and court. In truth the female relationships encounters that will occur are much more than a game. It’s “real life” that if managed well will produce a healthy man on and off the field. Success in the male athlete’s sexual relationship with their wife, girlfriend or dating partner will greatly help ensure you as owner or coach that your athletes can win the big game on the field and court undistracted by the pitfalls and consequences of sexual misconduct.


Action steps include review of previous segment training highlights:

  • Your performance counts on and off the field

  • Don’t cheat on or off the field and court

  • The consequences of sexual misconduct

  • The Virtuous Man

  • Super Glue Your Love Relationship

  • The Fast And Furious Man

  • Victory – Do it again, again and again


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